Living In Black & White...

The world becomes dull, unsatisfying, and unappealing, when deep down we've been harboring emotional turmoil. We need to declutter ourselves emotionally, so that we can see the world like we once did, beautiful, appealing, and full of color. Giving us more reasons to keep on living.

Don't Let It Get This Bad...

Most people will experience a breakdown before their 50th birthday. Why? Because life is full of unfortunate events. At some point everyone of us will loose our parents, experience a failed relationship, or the suicide of a friend. Without the ability to deal with these emotions ahead of time they can take us by surprise, breaking us down from the inside out. Furthermore, after the damage is done, we don't quite bounce back... We tend to experience moments where we are at a loss, not quite sure why we feel off but it feels as if a large part of us is distracted by the past.

''If you've ever looked through the eyes of someone who's been through hell, you'll see a blank stare looking back at you.''

We Need Some Colour

When we finally have the tools to deal with our inner most suffering, we become attentive to the world around us. We don't have a care in the world. Just like restoring a car, emotionally we become brand new. I know this from personal experience as I never realized as to how dull my life got until I broke down on a beach in Costa Rica. The water became intriguing again & I was struck with a childlike awe as the coast line glistened as if it were made of diamonds. I had been to many beaches & I missed this every time. In this course I break down multiple meditations which induce a trauma purge. These meditations are designed to bring out in you long forgotten emotions, restoring you back to your original state.

What's Inside This Course...

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