The B.U.I.L.D A Life (7 Day Manifestation Webinar)

On the 15th of March I taught The B.U.I.L.D A Life program - Begin Until I Leave Different to 300+ students. I taught them how to manifest their dreams and if you're ready I'll do the same for you. Because on this page is that same 7 day process, all packaged up into one online course. If your affirmations don't work, your mantras, mandalas, and visualization techniques, then let me tell you of how I got started... and how - once I knew how to do it properly, how manifestation changed my life.

The Law Of Attraction - Common Misunderstandings.

You could do all that is expected of you and without barley lifting a finger. I was on track to becoming a Fireman. I passed the courses and was standing in front of my Sargent when I said no. ''This was all too easy.'' I gathered it should've been hard based on how many people refuse to (do the work) when it comes to their part in their manifestation. But honestly, we are creators and manifestation is supposed to be effortless once you get on board with what you're attracting & meet it half way.

This Common misunderstanding is that; you should do absolutely nothing in order to get what you want. But nobody does nothing, everybody's trying something although often not the right thing. Imagine trying to force a puzzle piece into place. Upon 1st glance It may seem obvious, but when we realize what we're doing wrong we make a slight adjustment & then it all makes sense. In this program I'll help you meet your manifestation half way, making sense having you do the right things over the course of 1 week, in order to manifest faster.

A key to manifestation is to know what is meant by the term; focus your energy. Hint: the more enjoyable the process the more focused one gets.

Everything Exists Now - it's true.

I'm going to speak on an important part of this course. It's about the realization of everything existing in this now moment. I'll use 2 examples be those; a brand new car & a rich persons mindset. Ever wanted a car only to end up seeing it everywhere? The real question is...was that car always there, and that perhaps you just didn't notice it. Everyone you want in life, everything, and opportunity is around you. You only need to decide on what you want in order to notice it within your environment.

Your mindset is everything, if you've ever made a dime in your life then it's because a part of you understands ''the rich mindset.'' The same can be said for when loosing money, a part of you knows how to loose money time and time again. If your story is that you're broke, you'll be sending a clear message to your mind to spend more and to be careless with money. The same thing can be said for healthy & unhealthy relationships. If you see yourself as a bad partner, you'll become a bad partner. Because you have it in you at all times to be better or worse, to be smarter, healthier, confident, and unmatched. Within this program I'll show you how to tap into this these behaviors and have you rebuild yourself from the ground up, without going anywhere.

A clear decision goes a long way. Most people don't manifest because they are not specific enough about what they want.

We Believe it's Harder Than It Actually Is...

If you can buy a car you can buy a boat. If you've got 5 friends you can live in a large 5 bedroom house, and with AirBnB nowadays you can experience all of the above and for a fraction of the cost. Seriously, I do all of this and show it on Instagram. You could very well right now be able to afford a luxury lifestyle if you just change your mindset on what's possible. Because believe me, people are doing more with less. Check out my YouTube channel & follow me on Instagram to see what I'm doing with all of this information.

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Webinar Review - By James Wade

What Our Participants Have To Say...

I recently purchased the manifestation course on offer for £41. Not only was this a bargain, but the information within was packed full with nuggets of wisdom that you'd normally expect from an aged fellow like Gandalf.

Having followed Ryan for years, he's a really smart guy and cares about the community, explaining any part that anyone is stuck on and elaborating on points so that you can really get a grasp on what he is saying through a visual medium of what you can relate to. To prove that he cares, this session lasted four hours (as did the astral projection course previously).

In some cases there are PowerPoint slides that are displayed and Ryan takes the time to share these all with the group. If there are any technical issues like internet problems Ryan will reschedule the whole event and take any measures to ensure smooth playback. Not to mention if you miss the stream or struggle your end, there are always recording replays to go back to whenever you want at your leisure. I can't recommend Ryan Cropper highly enough, but for starters you can catch him on the YouTubes for free and see what I'm on about. Thank you for all you do and being a shining example of what we can all achieve when we follow along and put your words into practice.

Yours sincerely,

James Wade

What I'll Cover In This Program.

How to: Redefine your limits! ✔️

How to: Re build your personality from the ground up! ✔️

​How to: Shift your entire frequency having you manifest from a brand new one! ✔️

How to: Listen to your higher self around the clock (waking meditation). ✔️

How to: Induce a deep state of hypnosis, receiving commands from your higher self. ✔️

​How to: Remove all mental blockages toward your manifestation! ✔️

How to: Powerfully set goals strategically designed for your manifestations! ✔️

How to: Perform fire manifestation rituals! ✔️

How to: Perform water manifestation rituals! ✔️

How to: Properly use affirmations. ✔️

How to: Rebuild your self-esteem (using meditation and daily practices). ✔️

How to: Generate manifestation energy tailored for your specific manifestation. ✔️

How to: Keep manifesting long term! ✔️

Additional Perks

Joining our program is quick and painless. In addition, once you're in you will get access to the full 49 page presentation including the 14 online video modules covering your 7 day process. You will also have the opportunity to join our Insiders club #The B.U.I.L.D A Life ''Accountability Facebook Group''

Meditation: Self - Esteem meditation [VALUE: $60] ✔️

Meditation: Quantum Jumping Meditations [VALUE: $150] ✔️

Meditation: The Buddy System (Walking Meditation) [VALUE: $200] ✔️

4 Day Plan: Days 1 - 4 [VALUE $300] ✔️

Total Value [$710.00]

You get it for $133.31

You save $576.69 if you buy it today!

Take a peak at our course curriculum below. There you will find our modules for our B.U.I.L.D A Life Webinar! And don't miss out on previewing our B.U.I.L.D A Life trailer - the 1st option below within our curriculum for further insight into our program.


''Let's build a life worth living.''

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you feel like this course isn't for you, it's ok to cancel no questions asked. Moreover, for security purposes you must have completed less than 60% of the course in order to be eligible for a full refund.

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