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What needs to happen...

If you've been trying the ''Mind awake body asleep method,'' then regrettably, I have to tell you that it will only work for a short period of time. Why? Because eventually your mind will figure out the fact that you're planning on staying awake the entire time. It will learn your behavior, then keep you awake because that's the signal that you are sending to your mind.

Your mind is your servant...

It's only doing what you're telling it to. You are the master, and it's your servant. When you're telling it to do 2 things at once - mind awake & body asleep, you're sending it mixed signals. Signals which will only have you experience one of either the two sates of being. These states being that you will either (lay there wide awake) waiting for it to happen or end up (falling asleep) due to your concentration slipping entirely. Remember, you are the master & It's listening to your every command. So, let's send it a different command... If you want to master astral projection indefinitely, you have to look at it as it's own state of being separate from being awake and or asleep. This is important, as doing so will help to prevent the many pitfalls which come with perceiving astral projection as a mixture of those two states. You have to get it out of your mind and start your practice with the acknowledgment that it's something else, new, and different. Then your mind will search for something new to present to you, an experience unlike any you've ever had yet one that you're searching for.

10 Steps is all it takes...

10 simple steps have never made more of an impact. The reason being is because these steps unlock specific frequencies within your body, having you experience them as states of being. These subtle shifts create the overall (astral projection state of being) - the new state I mentioned earlier separate from being awake & or asleep. Below is a preview of the course curriculum which will unlock these inner states. Furthermore, entraining your body into this astral state of being, indefinitely. Do you know what this means? It means that once your body has learned this new state ''you will no longer need a process in order to leave your body.'' All you have to do is feel into the state then slide out.